Work Accident

Accidents in the workplace are a surprisingly frequent occurrence. Over 330,000 UK citizens reported injuries following an accident at work in 2010, coupled with an estimated 1.2 million people whom suffered/ continue to suffer work-related illnesses. The statistics make for sobering reading given our ever tightening Health and Safety Regulations in the UK, but no amount of legislation can prevent workplace accidents in their entirety.

Work injury claims are specifically designed for those whom have been injured, maimed or poisoned following an accident in the workplace. If you have suffered as a result of an accident at work that wasn’t your fault, or you have recently developed a work-related illness, you may qualify for compensation.

We can help where others cannot, including cases relating to:

  Industrial diseases

  Accidents involving a company vehicle

  Fork-lift truck accidents

  Slips, trips and falls

Our established team of no win, no fee solicitors are experts in dealing with work accident claims. They work on a fee-free basis because all costs are recovered from the other side. Win or lose, we never ask our clients to part with a penny, and in the event your claim is successful, you are guaranteed 100% of the compensation. Contact our solicitors today to find out if you can claim!

Types of Work-Related Accidents

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of workplace accidents do not occur within the industrial and manual labour sectors. A significant proportion of work-related incidents happen within office and retail environments, and generally occur because of wet floors, obstructed walkways, or inappropriate safety training for lifting and maneuvering stock. All employers are liable for appropriate safety awareness training, as well as ensuring the working environment is free from obstructions and hazardous machinery. If it is found your employer has failed to maintain such standards, and it contributes to an accident in the workplace, they can be fined or prosecuted as a result.

If you are injured in the workplace, it is vital you seek medical attention. It may also help your claim if a description of the incident is recorded in the accident logbook by your line manager. If your accident involved a slip, trip or fall on uneven flooring, it can also be helpful to obtain photographic evidence, although this is not mandatory for work injury claims.

Work Accident Claims – Putting You First

We understand that, as an employee, you may have reservations about claiming against your employer, but with our help, your working life and status need not be affected. Our esteemed work injury solicitors have the benefit of many years experience in the work injury sector, acting on behalf of thousands of clients to seek damages for work accident claims. With their help, you could be on the path to recovery far sooner than you think, without being left out of pocket for medical expenses and costly legal fees. Our solicitors will fight on your behalf, until we get the maximum settlement for your case.