The Complete Procedure of Claiming Compensation Online and Subsequent Actions Explained

Victims of no-fault accidents often muck around in search of good compensation claim experts when they finally decide to find redress for all the undue losses and damages. For them, the whole thing of filing compensation is a jigsaw puzzle which apparently has no way-out. However, many compensation claim legal experts have made the job easier for the compensation claimants. They have intelligently made use of information technology tools and methodologies to facilitate the no-fault accident victims to claim compensation online. One can find a website of a solicitor which has a form in it and can fill it up in accordance with the laid out instructions to file a claim using his broadband internet connection. Here below is a brief description of how to use this form, what you have to disclose and what not for your further reference.

Particulars you need to give: A typical ‘online claim’ form requires the full name of the claimant, his primary phone number, the best time to call him (selectable from the drop-down options), accident type and time of the accident (approx). Claimants also need to write a brief description of the accident which is very important. How should you describe the accident you faced? Move on to the next section.

Brief description of the accident: This is basically an accident report written from the victim’s point of view. Personal injury solicitors always prefer meticulous description of the accidents, and not the simple narrative types. One has to mention exact time and date of the accident, the road section where the accident happened (in case it was a road accident), name, address and other basic details of the employer (in case it was a workplace accident), name of the hospital and the supervising physician (if it was an act of medical negligence) along with his insurance details and all the reparative actions taken briefly. In short, a claimant has to describe his drab and miserable journey after the accident occurred with adherence to details.

No credit card/no obligation: There are plenty of reasons to suspect a ‘solicitors’ site if it asks for credit/debit card and/or net banking details. To claim online, you need not to key in your credit/debit card details or bank details. Beware of the claim forms online that demand for these details. Also learn that you have all rights to chicken out yourself at any point of time before you finally sign a contract with a solicitor firm or start fighting a legal battle through them.  Even if you talk to a personal injury lawyer over the phone, it’s always a no-obligation call (most of the firms provide free consultation services). You can check how pro bono legal services can be accessed in the UK from the government website.

Subsequent actions: Once the solicitor firm receives your complaint, they would try and fix an appointment for you with a specialized solicitor. It is wise to call your insurance people as they are the best people when it comes to deal with personal injury solicitors. This way, you can claim compensation sitting at the comfy of your room and lying down on the hospital bed as well.