Slip Or Trip

A slip, trip or fall can happen anytime, anywhere, and it isn’t always crystal clear as to who (if anyone) should be held accountable. If your fall occurred because of an uneven pavement, raised kerb, or pothole, is the council responsible, or a sub-contractor charged with highway maintenance? Accidents at work are no less common, yet the fault is usually easier to pinpoint, especially as maintenance and cleaning staff are usually assigned to outlined areas.

If you have had a slip, trip or fall caused by poor maintenance/ negligible upkeep, our personal injury solicitors could help prove your case. With extensive experience of slip trip claims, they are the UK’s trusted resource for advice and guidance, offered on a comprehensive no win, no fee basis.

Contact us today for advice on making a no win, no fee injury claim. We guarantee your claim will be dealt with in complete confidence, and if successful, will ensure you receive the total amount of compensation, with no deductions. 

Slips, Trips And Falls In The Workplace

Workplace slips, trips and falls are commonly caused by spillages, poorly maintained flooring and tripping hazards, such as cables or discarded boxes. While many people escape such incidents relatively unscathed, a small proportion go on to develop post accident trauma. Symptoms can be long and short term, ranging from mild concussion and swelling, through to immobility and brain damage.

Our personal injury lawyers are specialists in the field of slip trip claims, seeking compensation directly from the insurance company of your employer, whom by law, must have adequate liability insurance to cover workplace accidents. Although it isn’t mandatory, it may help your claim if you are able to supply accompanying details, such as:

  •   Photographs of the tripping hazard/ spillage/ damaged surface.
  •   Witness details, such as a name and telephone number.
  •   Whether your company operate CCTV within the area you were injured.
  •   A copy of your work accident report.

Even if you cannot supply evidence in support of your claim, we can still help. Contact one of our slip trip claims specialists today to find out if you qualify!

Slip Trip Claims – Do You Qualify?

Slip trip claims are one of the most commonly abused types of personal injury compensation, but, that doesn’t mean you should refrain from contacting us. Our no win, no fee solicitors will assess your eligibility based upon your individual circumstances, so you will know soon enough whether your case warrants their expertise.

The compensation amounts for slips, trips and falls vary considerably depending upon the nature and severity of injuries sustained, as well as the perceived impact upon your health and ability to work.

Representative examples of award categories: 

  •   Minor injuries: £2,250 – £10,000*
  •   Limited severity: £8,000 – £17,500*
  •   Moderate injuries: £13,500 – £33,750*
  •   Severe injuries: £21,500 – £83,000*

*Examples given for representative purposes only and should not be used to calculate entitlement. Compensation amount will be determined based on individual circumstances, as well as longevity and severity of injury.

To find out whether you meet our basic criteria for slip trip claims, call one of our dedicated advisers on: , or submit your details to us via the online form for a personal response.