Newer Dimensions of Industrial Disease Claims Are Explored

The hundred years from 1750 to 1850 have a crucial role to play in elevating the United Kingdom to one of the undisputed superpowers of the world. Historically known as the famous phase of industrial revolution, this event directed the country to understand the necessity for industrialization and the model was followed consequently throughout the world. While the Western nations adapted within the changing economic dynamics quite rapidly, the Eastern counterparts took some more time to habituate themselves with the change. Since that time onward, in the UK, there has been rapid expansion of urban area, boosting the development of industries without affecting the natural balance of urban and rural. Today, the UK is regarded as one of the most flourished business domains and economic hubs of the world and the nation continues to attract increasing amount of investment throughout the world.

Unfortunately, there is a darker side of every story and the story of UK’s growth as one of the major superpowers at the global scale is of no exception. Behind the apparent image of glory and prosperity, workers who gave their blood and sweat have always been ignored. Despite the nation has come a long way since the early days of misery and deprivation of labors, the need for further changes, with specific importance on health and safety measure of workers, cannot be denied. The improvement, quite undoubtedly, is significant if a comparison is made between the treatment of workers by employers during post World War II scenario and recent times. Even after considering all these factors there is no scope for doubting that the situation needs to be improved to a better extent.

While evaluating the importance and significance that the British government has provided over ensuring health and safety of workers, the biggest challenges seem to be workplace accidents and industrial disease. It is not that the government has been reluctant! Thanks to the system of ruling, today the quality human resource is receiving ample opportunities, which were beyond comprehension even a couple of decades back. More importantly with the help of HSE (the Health and Safety Executive), the government has been able to formulate several provisions that may provide workers with better protection to their health and safety issues. Regrettably, the problem lies with implementation as many organization owners either take quite a reluctant stance regarding acting according to the directives or they intentionally shirk the path with the trivial goal of profit maximization. Ultimately, such actions not only affect productivity of workers but also demoralize them in a way that entire productivity level goes down significantly.

Why Should Special Care Be Provided to Health and Safety of Workers?

Whether a person runs an office or a factory or any other type of industry, one thing is pretty sure that it cannot be operated entirely with the help of machineries. Somewhere or the other the scope of machines is limited, especially when it comes to operating the instruments. So, no matter how technologically advanced the industrial sector has become the requirement for quality workforce remains undisputed. Looking after the welfare of workers, thus, is of significant necessity. Due to the absence of adequate safety measures every time an accident occurs in a workplace or an employee suffers from certain degrees of personal injury, even as a disease, such incidents add to the negative publicity of the company and this is also a reason of increasing number of injury claims at work. More importantly, looking at the matter from the perspective of natural jurisprudential principles it can be said that every life is important and irresponsible or negligent act of any other person causing this situation should be condemned legally. Thus, it is responsibility of the government to take strict actions against every employer who fails to implement the cautionary measures.