Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are extremely susceptible to serious injury on the roads, due in no small part to the lack of body protection. Bike riders are also inclined to be more vulnerable on roads where surfaces are in a bad state of disrepair, particularly in adverse weather conditions. A sharp rise in motorcycle accident claims demonstrate that car drivers pose a significant problem, with many accidents caused by drivers failing to slow down at junctions, or allow a motorcyclist to overtake. If your accident was caused by a third party driver, and you suffered injury as a result, you may qualify for personal injury compensation.

On hand to offer free legal advice and guidance, our expert motorcycle accident claims solicitors are the UK’s trusted resource for all types of motorcycle accident claims. From minor injuries such as sprains and bruising, to life-altering outcomes such as brain damage and disability, our personal injury solicitors promise to fight your case for 100% compensation.

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Protection In The Event of A Motorcycle Accident

Vehicle insurance is a legal requirement of any motorbike owner, and coupled with breakdown cover, can go a long way to ensuring both the costs of vehicle repair and salvage are covered in the event of an accident. But, what about your health?

When you make a motorcycle accident claim, you are effectively seeking recompense for your health. If you have been injured to the point you are unable to work, a personal injury claim can be a blessing. Most employers pay Statutory Sick Pay when an employee is deemed unfit for work, but if your injury is serious, your absence may exceed the allowable term. Compensation covers a myriad of financial difficulties whilst you recover, including medical costs, essential bills and rent.

Getting You On The Road To Recovery

With the help of our personal injury law firm, thousands of motorcycle accident injury claimants have been able to seek compensation for their injuries and loss. In some cases, we can also avail access to essential medical support and home care. The value of compensation will vary considerably from case to case, but we strive to seek the maximum amount for every client.

Representative examples of compensation for motorcycle accident injuries:

  Minor head injury (no brain damage suffered): up to £6,500*

  Moderate neck injury: up to £23,000*

  Severe back injury (excluding paralysis): up to £83,000*

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