Industrial Disease

Industrial diseases are often indistinguishable from common health complaints in the early stages. Ironically, the conditions associated with manual labour, factory work and exposure to chemicals can take weeks, months, even years to develop, leaving the sufferer none the wiser to its severity. Industrial disease defines any illness or condition that arises as a direct result of exposure to hazardous or dangerous conditions in the workplace, or repetitive patterns of work reliant on using an isolated muscle group (such as the back for lifting).

Our no win, no fee industrial disease claim solicitors are widely respected in the UK for their contributory efforts to industrial disease recognition. Over the years, they have enabled thousands of current, and former workers in industrial, construction and labouring trades seek compensation for conditions such as:

Vibration White Finger

  Asbestos related illness

  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


  RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

  Tinnitus and hearing loss

  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  Back injury; upper and lower limb disorders

If you have suffered prolonged illness or injury as a result of exposure to energy, chemicals, apparatus or repetitive work patterns, our industrial disease claim solicitors could help you seek 100% compensation.

Committed To A Safer Working Future

Working environments tend to be far safer in the 21st Century, but there are still a plenitude of employers taking an abysmal approach to health and safety checks. By law, all employers are responsible for ensuring that adequate safety measures are in place and checks are conducted on a regular basis. Failure to meet even these most basic of requirements constitutes negligence. Industrial and chemical trades are governed by far more stringent regulation, which call for regular audits of safety-wear and procedures to ensure employees are not put at increased risk. Inadequate record-keeping, maintenance of machinery or work environment can also be deemed as negligent conduct.

It isn’t always easy to identify the root cause of industrial disease, since conditions like asthma and dermatitis can be brought about by wide-ranging environmental factors. If you are unsure whether you have a case, speak to an industrial disease claim solicitor for an obligation-free consultation.

Industrial Disease and Illness Compensation

A safe working environment is a benefit that all UK workers should be entitled to, therefore if you become ill or injured , an industrial disease solicitor could help you seek compensation. Our specialist solicitors are sympathetic in their approach, and only offer services on a no win, no fee basis. This means you need not worry about unexpected legal costs, or extortionate bills for representation. Our fees are sought directly from your employer’s insurer, completely separate to any compensation recovered. This enables our personal injury law firm team to ensure 100% compensation, regardless of the settlement amount.

There may be circumstances where your personal injury solicitor is able to seek additional recompense for other damages, including: medical care, rehabilitation costs and loss of earnings. Without assessing your claim, we cannot guarantee additional damages will be applicable, however your industrial disease solicitor will strive to seek the maximum amount of compensation.