Industrial Disease Claims Indicate That Employers Are Remiss in Their Responsibilities

That many employers in the UK do not always comply with the Health and Safety rules and regulations is a proven fact now. Industrial disease claims, for a matter of fact, are upshots of the noncompliance of employers with the preset norms and standards pertaining to employee health and safety at their workplaces. If you have developed a new illness because of working long days and months amidst filthy working atmosphere, you can file a claim against your employer. In the UK, it is permitted for the workers employed in different sectors to file compensation claims against their employers.

How to file a claim?

To start a claim, you need to notify your employer first. You should send a letter addressed to the HR department of you office explaining your medical conditions and analyzing the reasons behind (must be related to working conditions, such as exposure to toxic gas over a long period of time). If your employer is in a position to explain things and admit liability, you need not to push things further. But if he does not, you need to bring a personal injury claim against him. This is the procedure for filing workplace accident/injury claims and you must take these preparative actions before taking the route to the court.

Medical assessment is necessary

It is highly important in this context only that you get your medical conditions assessed by a qualified practitioner (preferably, an expert, such as an oncologist if you are demonstrating cancer symptoms). Get these medical reports and other findings fast and compile and keep safe all the medical bills and invoices as well. While the core medical documents will be used by the work accident claims experts as direct evidences of your injuries/illnesses, the bills and invoices will be used to sum up the cost expended by you. Both are necessary, given the fact that the court will first try to assess the nature and intensity of your illnesses and then will calculate all the previous and future costs that have incurred on you as a consequence of the industrial disease that has come into your knowledge of late.

No win no fee litigation

The easiest way to file this type of claims is to appoint no win no fee personal injury solicitors who can safeguard your finances to the best bit possible and can help you file a claim sans any additional financial liability and added tension. A no win no fee contract is beneficial for you and the solicitor, both. On your part, you can be certain that you are not going to pay anything except the disbursements (ad the legal cost of the other party, if applicable) if you lose the case,. Reputable work accident claims experts also arrange for After the Event insurance so that the claimants need not pay anything from their pocket whether or not the case verdict goes to their favor.

Try to find a solicitor who got his license from the Law Society, is a direct affiliate of the SRA and his organization is monitored by the MOJ.