How to Deal with the Burden of Proof in Motorcycle Accident Claims

Car drivers seemingly refuse to see the bikers on road until and unless they land on the bonnets of their vehicles or become obstacles for their driving. It is a shocking thing that in 2011 alone, 362 motorcyclists died in the UK, and the number is rising. The common problem that the no-fault accident victims face while filing motorcycle accident claims is that the burden of proof goes on them, given the fact that they are all more or less roughed up and cash-strapped. There are specialist solicitors to help and the country’s laws are also very much in favour of them. But these provisions and benefits little help the accident victims as they generally have a major role to play in compensation claim cases. How to deal with the burden of proof? The answer is here below.

Get the medical report first

To file a claim case, you need to see your doctor first. This may sound a bit absurd, but medical reports are of immense importance in personal injury compensation claim cases. Your doctor can name your injuries and illnesses that were the obvious upshots of the motorcycle accident and his report will be closely inspected by the solicitors of you and the other party to quantify the intensity and type of physical damages. If you are not sure whether your doctor will be the best person in this regard, ask the solicitor to find a medical expert for you.

Have you taken photos/videos?

Photos and videos are considered direct evidences in motorcycle and car accident claims cases. This is because these evidences are less likely to have been misrepresented. These evidences directly and unambiguously show what exactly at the accident scene and also possible causal factors can be identified easily. You will find motorcycle accident compensation claim experts who also go back to the accident scene and take photos of the surroundings. if possible, procure the CCTV findings from the local police station. Your solicitor will be able to help you in obtaining these direct evidences.

Meet or contact every witness separately

Witnesses are considered highly important individuals in motorcycle accident claims cases as they interpret the accidents from their own perspectives. Their views are very different from that of the plaintiffs and defendants. However, you should not try and influence the witnesses of your accident. You should, instead, meet or contact each of them separately and discreetly and ask for their views and opinions. Note down their narratives and see what is common in their versions of the accident you faced. If all these versions blame the other road user (e.g. a car driver) in some way or the other, you have high chances to win the motor cycle accident claims case.

Contact a solicitor

The burden of proof can at times become too heavy to bear with. Especially if you are bedridden, it will be next to impossible for you to go places and collect evidences. There are no win no fee personal injury solicitors whom you may contact. These solicitors can run the extra mile on your behalf.