Explaining Accidents at Work from a Legal Perspective

The statistical reports published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that more than a million of workers are victimized in the UK workplaces. In most of instances, it is the lack of responsibility of the employers that came out as a prominent reason behind these unfortunate events. When a worker sustains an accident at work and the employer is responsible for it, the former can file work accident claims with the support and suggestion of a personal injury solicitor.

In legal terms, the accidents at work come under the Law of Tort, specifically when a case is filed claiming compensation.   The solicitor representing workplace accident case needs to prove that it is the employer’s lack of dutifulness to provide a safe and secure workplace that has contributed to the accident and the worker has no contribution is causing the mishap.

Pointing Out the Prime Reasons behind Work Accidents in the UK

Some of the major factors contributing to the mishaps in the UK workplaces have been enumerated below:

Inability or Inefficiency to handle specialized work equipment

Work Related Stress

Lack of risk assessment

Slip or trip

Physical as well as mental tiredness due to prolonged hours of work

Fall from height

Manual handling

No matter which is cause behind an accident at work, if the victim or his solicitor can show that the victim is in no way responsible for the incident and his employer is being blamed logically, the case can be filed easily in the court of law.

How to Prevent the Workplace Mishaps?

Preventing workplace accidents is not a matter of difficulty. A little carefulness on the part of the employer can provide the employees with a safe and risk-free work environment. The employers need to take initiatives and start a risk assessment program so that he can know about the risks involved in his workplace. Knowledge about the risks can help the employers take necessary measures to eliminate the risks. Not only the employers but also the employees should be careful while dealing with specialized devices at workplace. In order to prevent the slips or trips, the employers need to put a warning board cautioning the workers about a wet area or lubricate region within the workplace. To prevent the trips, the employers should arrange for lights in the corridors and the stairways. For eliminating the risk of fall from height, the employers should use proper scaffolding to ensure the safety of the workers working at height. The employers should compel the employees working with specialized devices to attend training programs to acquire the skill of operating these tools.

Choose a Reputed Solicitor to Augment Your Winning Chances

You should be careful while choosing a personal injury solicitor for your work accident case. Try to seek the legal help of a reputed professional employed under a good law firm. Going through the credentials and success rates of a solicitor will tell you about how expert he is in handling a work accident case.