Contacting Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help You Settle an Obstetrics Negligence Case in a Satisfactory Note

Personal Injury Solicitors Are Experts in Administering Obstetrics Negligence Cases

A personal injury solicitor is a legal professional who offers legal representation to the people who claim to have experienced physical and emotional sufferings due to the negligence of another person, or entity. These solicitors mostly handle cases involving road traffic accidents, accidents at work and car accident claims. Now, the question is: are the personal injury solicitors capable of dealing with obstetrics negligence claims?

Check the Performance Record and Experience of a Solicitor before Choosing Him as Your Service-provider

If you have sustained obstetrics negligence and suffered huge problems due to it, you can approach a personal injury solicitor who is specialized in dealing with obstetrics-related cases. However, before choosing a solicitor as your service-provider, it is important to check his performance record and success rates in these cases. A solicitor with a fantastic performance record can definitely provide you with the right suggestions and drive your obstetric negligence case in the positive direction. In order to restore your right to compensation following an obstetrics malpractice event, you can consider hiring the services of experienced personal injury solicitors.

Number of Obstetrics Negligence Claims on Rise

Hundreds of obstetrics negligence compensation claims are filed in the UK courts every year. As per statistical records, about half of the clinical malpractice cases involve obstetrics and gynecological errors. The Department of Health under the UK government is highly worried about the rising number of obstetrics and gynecological negligence claims.

Reasons behind Obstetrics Negligence

The medical practitioners can make errors while executing obstetrical procedures. The mistake can take place at any time from conception to delivery of the child. The obstetricians can make mistakes in the following instances:

In Vitro Fertilization: The doctors often tend to make errors while performing assisted reproduction or reproduction (IVF).  A lot of money needs to be spent for the medical processes like in vitro fertilization. Mistakes during these types of obstetrical procedures occur especially due to slapdash laboratory techniques involving the production of an embryo or faulty methods of inserting the embryos into the uterus.

Early Pregnancy: Obstetricians can commit errors during early pregnancy. To cite an example, the medical professional can make mistakes while executing a chorionic villus sampling or during the amniotic fluid test. If the medical practitioner does not use sterile methods, an infection can occur endangering the life of the fetus. The doctor can commit an error and lead to the separation of the placenta causing miscarriage.

Laboratory Mistakes: Laboratory mistakes are common. To cite an instance, a medical practitioner can fail to detect the Rh negativity status of the patient. This can cause Rh sensitivity as well as fetal distress. In the worst instances, failure to detect the patient’s Rh negativity status can lead to fetal death. A laboratory professional can mistake the uterus infections with the infections of the cervix can lead to obstetrics negligence.

Failing Placenta: There are many instances ofobstetrics malpractice where the doctor in charge has failed to recognize the slowness of intrauterine development or low volume of the amniotic fluid. This is basically a symptom showing that the placenta is failing. When the number of fetal movements comes down, there are high possibilities of the fetus suffering from intrauterine death due to the lack of oxygen. Thus, the doctors need to detect efficiently if the development of the fetus is suboptimal and ask the patient to go through the secondary tests like a non-stress test and a biophysical profile on ultrasound that will tell the patient if her uterine ambiance is safe for the fetus. If the uterine environment turns out to be unsafe, the doctor can consider a c-section or normal delivery of the baby.

Mistakes During Child Delivery:  Errors can be committed at the time of the delivery of the baby. The obstetrician can mistakenly decide to perform a vaginal delivery when c-section is important.

Forceps and Vacuum Extraction: An improperforceps and vacuum extraction can injure the fetus. Thus, it is important to avail the services of an expert obstetrician when forceps and vacuum extraction becomes a necessity. Even a minor error during the process can lead to facial nerve palsies and damage the fetus’ ears and head. Forceps deliveries can also cause serious damage to the bladder or cervix of the mother. Forceps-induced bladder injuries can lead to chronic urinary leakage. It can also rupture the bladder. A fourth degree vaginal tear can also result from wrong forceps deliveries.

The UK government’s Department of Health is trying its best to combat the rising number of obstetrical negligence.

How Can a Personal Injury Solicitor Help in Solving an Obstetrical negligence successfully?

No matter what lead to your obstetrical negligence, you can reach out a personal injury solicitor can avail their help to present your case in the court and seek a handsome compensation. The personal injury solicitors usually assess the cases and checks the possibilities of winning compensation. They also take up the cases with high compensation winning potential. However before choosing a particular lawyer as your service-provider, you need to do a thorough research on the internet. You need to shortlist a few professionals and compare their performance records and success rate. It is advisable to get help from a well-known solicitor to improve your winning chances. If you do not want to shell out much on hiring the legal services, you can approach a lawyer who provides his services on no win no fee basis. The prime benefit of hiring such a lawyer is that you will not have to pay anything upfront. The lawyer will get his payments from the guilty party after winning the case.

Consequences of Obstetrical Negligence

Let us discuss about the consequences of obstetrical negligence in some detail. The carelessness of an obstetrician can cause cerebral palsy of the infant. One out of every 10,000 in the United Kingdom is affected by this birth injury. The babies suffering from cerebral palsy suffering physical as well as mental disabilities. Though research works are still being conducted, it is figured that about 20% of cerebral palsy cases are the consequences of the doctor’s negligence. Shoulder dystocia or stuck shoulders, whatever you call it, is usually recognized during labor. It takes places when the head of the baby is delivered, but the shoulders are so large that they get stuck into the mother’s pelvis. The doctor in charge of the child delivery needs to act promptly to avoid injury during the process. Failure to recognize shoulder dystocia properly can result in medical negligence.

Obstetrical negligence result in bone fractures, adrenal hemorrhage, brachial plexus injury, liver hematoma or renal hemorrhage of fetus. Not only the obstetrician but the midwives can also make mistakes during normal delivery of an infant, giving rise to an obstetrical malpractice case.

In Which Types of Cases Can You Seek the Assistance of a Personal Injury Solicitor?

You can avail the services of an expert solicitor to sue doctor for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), improper c-section and inappropriate placement of the epidural catheter. The personal injury solicitors specialized in medical negligence cases can best deal with any type of obstetrical case and they have the experience and skill to ensure the highest amount of compensation to support rehabilitation costs and other medical expenses.

Filing Compensation Case is a Must If You Suffer Obstetrical Negligence

Many victims of obstetrical negligence are not comfortable suing the NHS. However, the victims of this type of medical negligence should file a lawsuit claiming compensation. However, the victims need to prove the negligence of the doctor in the court of law. She should approach an expert lawyer who would present all the medical documents supporting the case and offer logical arguments to convince the judge to grant the deserved amount of compensation.

Many fraud cases of obstetrical negligence are being filed in the United Kingdom. The government of the nation has urged the solicitors to check the authenticity of the cases that come to them, understand the basics of cases before representing them in the court.

Availing the No Win No Fee Solicitors Can Be Beneficial

Most of the solicitors in the United Kingdom provide their advices and services on no win no fee basis. Thus, they will receive their payment only if they win the case. Even after winning the case, the claimant does not need to pay anything to the solicitor. The lawyer receives his payment from the guilty party or its insurer. The amount of compensation is usually determined by the judge. The intensity of the damage serves to be one of the most important determinants of the compensation amount in an obstetrical negligence case. The previous cases of similar types are also referred before deciding the amount of compensation to be granted in an obstetrical malpractice case.

Make Personal Injury Solicitors Your Guides in Obstetrical Negligence Cases

No matter how simple or complex your case is, you need to get the advice and services of a personal injury solicitor. Making an expert solicitor your guide in a medical malpractice case can help you win a case more easily.