Car Accident

Non-fault car accidents ruin lives. The repercussions of a car accident may not be immediately apparent if you’ve suffered a minor injury, but the psychological and financial implications can be dire. Few accident victims are ever prepared for such a life-altering catastrophe, especially if they are careful drivers. If you have suffered injury or personal trauma as a direct result of a non-fault car accident, you may meet our car accident claims criteria for compensation.

Our car accident compensation claims are specifically designed for those whom have suffered injury, or loss. With the help of elite team of personal injury solicitors, you could make a no win, no fee claim for 100% compensation.

We may also be able to assist in the recovery of damages for:

  Vehicle repairs

  Medical expenses

  Loss of earnings

  Free vehicle replacement/ repair

  Psychological trauma

  Care costs arising from recurring health problems (caused by an accident)

  Home/ car modification costs (for those suffering disability or immobility as a result of a car accident)

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Car Accident Claims – How It Works

UK law states that all vehicle owners, with the exception of cyclists, must hold adequate and up-to-date insurance regardless of how frequently the vehicle is used. Car insurance extends to far more than cost-covering protection for the vehicle owner. In serious incidents, the insurance company of the driver at fault is the party whom pay out damages on behalf of the client – including those for personal injury. Our car accident compensation claims are designed to do just that.

As part of our staid commitment to road traffic accident victims, we offer our services on a full and frank no win, no fee basis. You will be assigned a personal injury solicitor whom will represent you for the duration of the case. Our car accident claims solicitor will then liaise directly with the insurance company to seek damages for both injuries and losses incurred.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for additional expenses, we would recommend seeking free initial advice from one of our no win, no fee solicitors.

Our Commitment To You

Our car accident claims solicitors work on your behalf, so you needn’t worry about court appearances or providing extensive documentation. All damages will be assessed from the outset, and a plan of action drawn up so you know where you stand every step of the way. In addition to this, our personal injury solicitors strive to ensure they get the maximum compensation your injuries and losses will allow, at no cost to you. Win or lose, there are no fees!

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