Cycle Accident

Bike accidents vary considerably in severity, however, the injuries sustained can have a sufficiently longterm impact on the health of a previously fit and active cyclist. Every day, hundreds of people commute to and from the office in a bid to get fit, not considering the possibility they may encounter a reckless or inconsiderate driver. Recklessness is one of the biggest contributors to cycling accidents, believed to be the root cause of over 40% of incidents in the UK each year.

If you have suffered as a consequence of an accident that wasn’t your fault, we recommend contacting a cycling accident claims specialist to find out whether you could claim compensation.

Our personal injury law firm has one of the highest success rates in the UK for cycling accident claims, due in no small part to the fact many of our team are passionate cyclists themselves. We employ a close-knit team of personal injury solicitors specialising in this unique area of personal injury law, happy to offer their services on a full no win, no fee basis. Your claim is handled with the dignity and confidentiality we believe every client deserves, as we strive to get you 100% of the compensation.

Cycling Accident Claims Statistics

Aside from being one of the UK’s most popular summer pastimes, cycling is reputed to be the ultimate body workout. More of us than ever before are foregoing our stuffy cars for the freedom of cycling, but, being green, free and healthy comes at a price. According to recent statistics, the number of cycling accident claims has increased by a third in the past five years, with over 60% believed to have been caused by motor vehicle drivers. In 2010, the number of bicycle accident fatalities also rose by 7%. While these statistics do not illustrate the number of accidents caused by third party drivers, the rise in cycle accident claims suggests that driver error is a significant factor.

Were you injured in a cycling accident involving a motor vehicle driver?

Even if you are unsure whether the driver was at fault, our personal injury solicitors could still assess your claim. Contact us today for free advice, with no obligation.

Getting You Back In The Saddle

Our cycle accident claims process is very straightforward and could help alleviate your financial woes. On receipt of your claim, one of our expert cycling accident claims solicitors will contact you to verify the details and inform you of the next steps. If you are happy to proceed, your appointed solicitor will then undertake all necessary investigation and communication with the third party’s insurance company, leaving you stress-free and focused on your recovery.

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